E" Metcon:
This class is a mixture of strength training, cardiovascular work and sports conditioning. This circuit based class will tax all of your energy systems, leave no muscle untouched and maximise your health and fitness. With our coaches on hand to teach and perfect your form these classes will challenge you to take your fitness to a new level. Hard work. Great tunes. Fun times.

In our High Intensity Interval Training Class you will workout intensely for short bursts, followed by recovery periods so you can catch your breath, and then go again. These stations are designed to elevate your heart rate for the ultimate fat loss and cardiovascular workout. Be prepared to work. Be prepared to sweat.


Our body weight/callisthenics based circuit class where you will use your bodyweight to improve your health, fitness and mobility. No machines, just using your body as resistance to take your fitness to the next level. From animal flow and bodyweight strength, to gymnastics and bodyweight cardio, we will challenge your body and build your strength and fitness. This will be different but just as challenging as E" Metcon and E" HIIT.

If you want to move better, you better get moving”

Yoga Flow Sunday:
After a big week of strength training and high intensity workouts we want you to balance yourself back out with our Yoga Flow class. This is a fantastic chance to get an hour of devoted stretching getting you ready for the week ahead.

Semi Private Personal Training (SPPT):
Simply put, pay a fraction of the price of 1:2:1 personal training but receive all the health and fitness benefits and more. SPPT groups never consist of more than 3 like-minded individuals and will allow you to work those strength, body composition or technic goals that might have been unaffordable before. This, coupled with body composition and nutrition tracking, will help smash the goals you set for yourself.

If you have ever wanted to try personal training but have been put off for one reason or another then this is the alternative for you.

Post Natal:

Training thats designed to give new mums confidence in exercise and their abilities to train. Enhance Fitness does this in a safe and controlled environment. At Enhance" we encourage you to bring your wee ones to the class and there is ample parking for the buggies.With over 15 year’s experience, owner Shane Rutherford (post natal qualified) has designed these programs to gradually rebuild strength and confidence, as well as your fitness.

There will always be two trainers on hand and will often make use of the baby carriers so you can wear your baby whilst exercising. Shane has recently had a wee girl so never be shy to pass your baby to him so you can enjoy the class.

1:2:1 Personal Training:
Every session will be tailored by the ENHANCE” trainers to your specific health and fitness goals and take into account any injuries you may have. Body composition and nutrition will also be tracked to maximise the benefits you receive from the training.